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Schwaz silver mine

The silver shop in Schwaz silver mine

Take a souvenir of your trip to the Schwaz silver mine home with you! You will find shiny gemstones, high-quality silver jewellery and even designer jewellery in our silver shop.

Shopping at the silver mine in Schwaz

You will find an incredible variety of mementoes and souvenirs from the mine over roughly 150 m2 here. Browse our treasure chest to your heart's content, from high-quality silver processing to glittering gemstones, valuable minerals and designer jewellery, you will find everything your collector's heart desires here.

Silver thaler coins and a DVD about the mine in Tyrol

With us you can personally have a go at being a mint master at the coining die and mint your own silver thaler as a souvenir! Our DVD about the silver mine, a documentary about the glorious history of Schwaz and Hall in Tyrol during the heyday of silver mining in Schwaz, is extremely interesting.

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Schwaz silver mine

Your team from the silver shop at the Schwaz mine in Tyrol

Come into our silver shop and marvel at the variety of mementos and souvenirs!

We look forward to you visiting us!

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